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Although still in its infancy, the USC Schwarzenegger Institute has already generated extensive media coverage in connection with its mission and activities.

Rebuilding the West through bold investment in clean energy

Amid trying times and economic hardship like we are currently facing, it’s often difficult to find a silver lining, but it’s worth noting that bold projects that drive meaningful change have often sprung out of turmoil and crises. Take Hoover and Glen Canyon dams, for example, which rose from the depths of the Great Depression to put Americans to back to work and power the economic growth of the West. PV Magazine

Column: Reagan was wrong. Government isn’t the problem, as the pandemic makes clear

It was a sunny, chilly day on Jan. 20, 1981, when President Reagan stood outside the Capitol for his inaugural address and declared that “government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.” He was talking about the recession that had been weighing on Americans since the late 1970s, making the case for why more taxes and regulations were not the answer to the country’s economic woes. Los Angeles Times

Ballot initiatives navigate uncharted paths to 2020 election

A month ago, the anti-gerrymandering group Arkansas Voters First wasn't planning to include a virtual "Drinks and Dialogue" Zoom meeting in its campaign to get an initiative on the November ballot. But now, it's about all it can do. "It was really successful," a group spokesman, George Shelton, said. "This is a very popular issue in Arkansas, and there's a lot of people who want to sign the petition but can't because of the circumstances." NBC News

Price researcher pilots coronavirus immunity study

Price School of Public Policy vice dean Neeraj Sood launched a study Friday testing Los Angeles County residents for immunity to the coronavirus. The project, launched in partnership with the L.A. County Department of Public Health and L.A. County Chief Science Officer Dr. Paul Simon, will identify individuals who have contracted and developed antibodies to combat the virus. Daily Trojan

USC, LA County Launch Antibody Testing Pilot for COVID-19

It's a simple blood test, a finger prick, but the results could represent an important next step in the fight against COVID-19. Drive-thru blood testing began on Friday at six locations in L.A. County as part of a new pilot study headed by Dr. Neeraj Sood of University of Southern California, in partnership with the L.A. County Department of Public Health. Spectrum News 1

Large-scale COVID-19 antibody testing study launched in California

As Los Angles County reaches over 9,000 reported COVID-19 cases and nearly 300 deaths, a huge unknown remains here and across the nation: How bad is it? With a population of 10 million, larger than those of more than 40 states, the county is a prime location to launch a large-scale study that aims to answer that question and learn more about antibodies that could potentially provide immunity from COVID-19, the disease associated with the coronavirus, according to public health and policy experts. NBC News

COVID-19 antibody testing study begins in LA County

Could an antibody test be the key to easing our stay at home orders? Antibody testing began today at six different locations in LA County; it’s believed to be the first of its kind testing in the US. USC Price’s Dr. Neeraj Sood spoke to FOX 11’s Susan Hirasuna via Zoom to explain how the antibody test works. Fox 11

How far has coronavirus spread? This test is a first step in trying to get back to normal life

It has been one of the most glaring unanswered questions of the coronavirus crisis: How much has the virus spread? A new study in Los Angeles County might help provide some answers. Starting Friday, county health officials will begin testing the blood of 1,000 randomly selected residents, including those with no symptoms, to see if they have or had COVID-19. Using emerging technology that tests for antibodies to a virus, the study has the potential to shed light on the true mortality rate of the coronavirus, the efficacy of social distancing efforts and when this unprecedented clampdown on daily life could end. Los Angeles Times

USC-L.A. County antibody testing may reveal when it’s safe to go back to work

As Americans wonder when COVID-19 infections may ease and when people can return to work, USC and Los Angeles County are conducting a study that could hold the answers. Today and Saturday, researchers from USC and the county are testing the blood of 1,000 randomly selected individuals for COVID-19 antibodies for a study that could help chart the safest path toward post-pandemic life. USC News