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Although still in its infancy, the USC Schwarzenegger Institute has already generated extensive media coverage in connection with its mission and activities.

Roundtable Discusses Climate Change

The USC Schwarzenegger Institute hosted Andrä Rupprechter, the Austrian Minister for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, on Monday evening at the University Club for a roundtable discussion among 31 other guests on the subject of climate change and environmentally sustainable practices.  Guests in attendance included the former secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency and the executive director of R20. Former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger and his predecessor, former Gov. Gray Davis were also in attendance. Thirteen members of the Austrian Trade Commission, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and the Minister’s office also joined the discussion on global climate change and offered parallels between California and Austria’s climate change programs. Daily Trojan

Let’s Have an Honest Debate About Immigration in the U.S.

There is no doubt that the candidacy of Donald Trump has reignited the immigration debate. There is also no doubt that while Americans may disagree over how to deal with our broken immigration system, there is a general consensus that it must be fixed. The problem with the approach of both Trump and the media to this debate is that it's not rooted in all of the facts. The Orlando Sentinel

California Ain’t Dreamin’ No More: Bonnie Reiss on Courage, Commitment and Doing the Right Thing

Industrial PRIME has come so far from home that if we went any further we would already be on our way back. Having worried enough over our mommies now so far away, we decide to get a grip on ourselves and seize the moment at hand. We are going to have lunch with a person who has been there and done it all, but who still keeps asking herself the question, “Could I still give more?” - Industrial PRIME

California Wins with Arizona in SCOTUS Redistricting Case

OpEd Written By Global Director, Bonnie Reiss. Who supports gerrymandering? Not voters, who regularly prefer to give independent commissions the power to set voting boundaries. Not the Supreme Court, which ruled Monday in favor of Arizona's voters and their redistricting commission. That leaves one group: politicians interested in keeping their jobs, regardless of voters' best interests, democracy and plain common sense. The Los Angeles Times

When Women Don’t Lead, We Pay a High Price

While some progress has been made, women are significantly underrepresented in the highest positions of leadership. This comes at a high cost: When women lead, they bring value to their fields and to society as a whole. The Sacramento Bee

Arnold Schwarzenegger unleashes on Indiana’s ‘anti-gay’ legislation that ‘will hurt the GOP

Arnold Schwarzenegger has unleashed a tirade against Indiana's polarizing Religious Freedom Restoration Act, saying the new laws are 'distracting and divisive' for the Republican Party. While the legislation has sparked a nationwide outcry, with many claiming it legalizes discrimination against lesbians and gays and causing boycotts of the state, the actor and former California governor has a different take on the controversy. The Daily Mail